The San Francisco Bay Area’s Most Experienced     & Only Full Time Mohel

Rabbi Moshe Trager

A mohel with the hands of a surgeon & the heart of a father.

Rabbi Trager is a certified mohel who was trained by the Chief Mohel of Israel, an experience that he likens to “learning to play guitar from Jimi Hendrix.” He studied at Jerusalem’s Shaaree Tzedek Hospital and is honored to have done more than 7000 circumcisions for parents, physicians and surgeons nationwide. His precision skills and warm, inclusive approach have taken him as far away as Nicaragua to perform a bris.

An enthusiastic teacher at heart, Rabbi Trager has a knack for connecting with both adults and younger students. He makes complex concepts easy to digest and is a charismatic speaker. He is dedicated to making Bris Milah a meaningful experience, and to helping people learn and appreciate what it means to be Jewish.

A father of five, Rabbi Trager has called Boston, Miami, Jerusalem, Philadelphia and now the SF Bay area home.

Rabbi Trager is happy to discuss any questions you may have:

415.366.6757 or

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