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Bris After Care

after care

  1. The first few diaper changes, you may find blood on the gauze pad. This is normal. HEAVY bleeding that fills the gauze pad with blood, is not typical and requires you to call me.
  2. Continue to nurse the baby as you would normally. Swaddling the baby for the first 24 hours may make him more comfortable.
    No immersion bath for 4 days. Sponge bathing is ok. Do not immerse the penis in water.
  3. A clean gauze dressing should remain in place for 4 days. At every diaper change, gently remove the protective gauze pad by pulling at the 4 corners. Replace gauze with new 3×3 sterile gauze pad dotted with a dime-size squirt of bacitracin ointment in the middle of the gauze.
    The bacitracin and diaper itself will keep the gauze in position.
  4. Change the diaper a bit more frequently to ensure the area remains clean.
  5. If you run out of bactracin, you may use Vaseline, Neosporin, or A&D ointment.
  6. If your son shows signs of discomfort during the first 24 hours post bris, you may give him 1.25ml of infant acetaminophen.
  7. I can be reached 24 hours at day at 415-366-6757. Do not hesitate to call.

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