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Bris Milah, or ritual circumcision is a fundamental expression of Jewish identity filled with meaning. It’s also the least traumatic way to circumcise your son. In fact, according to Jewish law, I am obligated to complete the bris procedure as quickly and painlessly as possible. That said, many parents struggle with the decision to circumcise their son. They believe he is perfect as is. They cringe at the notion of causing their baby any pain. They question the medical benefits of the procedure. I understand this completely and making this choice will be one of your first parenting decisions. If you’re struggling, I may be able to alleviate some of your concerns with accurate information. Feel free to call me so we can chat. No judgements and no pressure. This is a joyous time for you and I would be honored to be a part of your celebration!

– Rabbi Moshe Trager, Certified Mohel


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“Of all of the mohels working in the bay area, Rabbi Trager is the only one I recommend to my client-families.”
Deborah Simone, Midwife



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Rabbi Trager has done more than 5000 brissim.